Our advantages:
1. We send most items from Eastern Europe, but returns could be accepted in GA, USA.

1.1. Some items available with domestic USPS delivery (click here).
2. You will receive exactly what you see on the photo.
3. We guarantee 100% delivery or money return.
4. Time delivery to US 10-25 days (but due COVID-19 time of delivery could be increased).

5. We always online (about 95% of time) and we work 24/7.
6. We could send you more additional photo of item.
7.We make individual photo of each item.

8. You could pay by Zelle, Pay Pal, or MO.

9. You need to be registered at our website, because we all are small "gun" family.

Our rules and conditions:

1. Paying:
1.1.  You need to pay item in 48 hours from purchase.

1.2. We provide you payment options (Zelle, Pay Pal, MO).

1.3. For Pay Pal we send you e-mail address to pay. There must be any word in payment, all payments containt any word will be refunded.

1.4. If you choose paying by MO, we will send item after MO receive.

1.5. Up to september 2020 all items ships free. 

2. Tracking & Sending

2.1. For USA available items all orders ship by USPS First Class. Handling time 1-2 days.

2.2. For international delivery we use Standart Int. delivery. Handling time 1 day. 

2.3.  We provide tracking numbers. We are fully responsible for international delivery. We make full refund if item stuck or lost somewhere at destination. Sometimes packages could stuck in NYC customs for 7-10 days, and it's normal. 

3. Refund

3.1. We could make you refund if item are not damaged and in same condition as was sold.

3.2. Refund will be made after we receive item in GA, USA.

3.3. We provide return address per request.

3.4. Refund available in 14 days after receive.

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